Paul Wright

Part of what we do is make a little contribution to something people need to do anyway. If we can give them a nudge in the right direction, they’ve succeeded and we’re part of that.


Small business owners need financial advice from someone who knows what being in business is all about.



Paul isn’t your typical financial advisor (I’ve been through quite a few before finding Paul).
In my view he genuinely wants to get the best outcomes for his clients


– Phillip


Cindy Napier

Cindy is our Advice Coordinator and began her journey with us in April 2016.  Cindy likes to think of herself as the all-rounder, assisting Jen with the administration and implementation process.  She also helps guide Paul through the advice process with a specific interest in Superannuation.

Leisa Hornsey

Leisa is the latest addition to the Innovus Advice team and joins us as an Administration Assistant. Leisa comes to us with 10 years’ experience in the Financial Services Industry. She has a strong attention to detail and will ensure that the office remains organised and on track.

Paul Wright

Founder, Managing Director and principal Adviser here at Innovus Advice Solutions, Paul is passionate about helping people. With 30 years’ experience, he is a Chartered Accountant, a CPA, a financial adviser, and most importantly a father, a husband and a rock and roll enthusiast.

Jennifer Davison

Beginning her role as Client Services Manager in 2010, Jennifer (or Jen) takes pride in managing the team, office and practice to its absolute best. That push to get organised, someone to keep you accountable, on the right track, and to ensure that things are getting done with a specific focus on attention to detail.

Kylie Kurtelova

Kylie has been a part of the Innovus Team as our Senior Paraplanner since August 2015.  Kylie has been in the financial planning industry for 9 years.  She helps Paul through the advice process, strategies, compliance, and the production of the advice documents. She enjoys all areas of financial planning and keeps a focus on maximising the benefits for the client.


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We feel the whole Team looks after us extremely well and
we are very appreciative. Thank you.


– Joy


Gwen Shumack

Gwen has been a client of ours since the beginning. Her husband Bob sadly passed away 11 years ago but left her with financial security through hard work and success in business. Gwen is strongly committed to her family, and we love helping her with her finances so she doesn’t have to worry. She truly is a star!

David Hiscox

David has been a client of ours for the last ten or so years. He is CEO of one of the largest licensed clubs in Wollongong, having worked in senior position in that industry for many years. David has a keen sense of his responsibility to his family and to his team, and has many a story to tell.

Merrilyn and Stephen Long

Merrilyn and Stephen have been with us for more than ten years. As part owners of a large family-owned business, their needs are many and varied. Lifestyle is very important to Merrilyn and Stephen, they are not afraid to work hard, but also enjoy the fruits of their labour.

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For us it all starts with strategy,
products or investments are just
the tools we use to fulfil the
needs of the strategy focused on
our clients goals and objectives.


We are determined to advise.
Our clients come to us for
recommendations as to what
they should do, not what
their options are.


Our aim is to ensure that
our clients are free to make
choices in connection with their
lifestyle, their retirement and
their future.


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We help you with wealth creation strategies such as investment growth, investment gearing (negative and positive gearing), salary packaging, spending less than you earn, including investment income and tax minimisation


We encourage you to plan retirement well in advance and we are aware that the ability to retire is often a more common goal than retirement itself. In short we want you to have the choice as to how and when you retire. We offer strategies to enable you to enhance your wealth accumulation in the years prior to retirement, strategies during the pre-retirement phase designed to properly structure your affairs, and strategies in retirement to maximise the earning capacity and longevity of your retirement nest-egg.


Debt reduction strategies effectively help you eradicate non tax-deductible debt (bad debt) faster. This can involve creating tax-deductible debt (good debt) by acquiring investment assets that have minimal impact on your overall personal cash flow. It converts bad debt into good debt.


Insurance is simply a choice. A choice whether you want your family’s lifestyle to be protected in the event of your Death, Total and Permanent Disablement, Trauma, illness or injury, and at what cost are you prepared to have this protection.We all insure our other assets, house, boat home contents, cars, but some people ignore the most valuable asset your family has, you. We advise you on the most effective and low cost methods by which you can protect yourself and your family from unforeseen events.


Superannuation is a core area of our expertise. We can advise on salary sacrifice to superannuation, the start date(s) of superannuation pensions, Self Managed, Superannuation Funds (SMSF), superannuation pensions pre-retirement planning, spouse superannuation contributions splitting and investment strategies including the possible use of installment warrants (borrowing in superannuation).


The connection between your personal and business finances provides plenty of opportunity for quality advice in terms of structuring, repayment strategies and tax minimisation. We offer an integrated service in which we examine all of your debt including home loans, business financing and investment debt to ensure that your precious cash flow is directed to the most effective area.We are also able to offer access to finance at competitive rates through our network of referral partners and directly to the lending institutions. Our aim is to ensure that your overall debt position is managed effectively for the best outcome for you and your business.


I came to the firm following the unexpected death of my husband.
My first Skype meeting with Paul far exceeded my expectations.
Yes, Paul’s speciality is in the area of finance and money, but it is his genuine interest in people that immediately made me feel at ease and made the whole “money thing” seem a lot easier.
Paul checks in regularly, we talk about life as well as finance and I feel like he actually does care about me as a person.
Paul & Co, you have built a great team and should be really proud of the work that you do.


– Aimee


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