The Time For Advice is Now!

“It’s only advice dammit, not holy decree!” – Paul Wright   I once heard a story in connection with advertising “when the business owner was enjoying the good times he did not need to advertise, when he was experiencing bad times he could not afford to advertise, funny thing is that nobody remembers his name.”…

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Do You Crave Certainty?

My crystal ball must be on the blink. I bought it in New Zealand so maybe it is only tuned to the local cosmic frequencies there, but despite having spent a deal of time gazing into it, I have been unable to see anything remotely resembling the future, other than my increasingly distorted reflection. I…

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How Much is Enough?

The story goes that the managing director of Rolls Royce, when asked by a motoring journalist what the power output from the latest engine was replied with “Enough”. This elegant reply in my mind speaks volumes for the confidence he had in his product, and shifted the focus away from a statistical measure to one…

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Dear Accounts Payable Clerk

Dear Appy, Pardon me for being so familiar, but I feel as if I know you well, even though we haven’t met, and I don’t know your name. Appy is just one of the names I use when I think of you. For years I have been corresponding with you at least 3 times per…

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Towards A New Profession – Adviser!

The advice professions are on the cusp of a revolution, or if not a revolution an evolution that is going to be so rapid as to make their businesses unrecognisable in five years. The trouble is that the regulator and indeed more than half of the profession does not seem to understand that this revolution…

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My Business Is My Super – Isn’t It?

When we commit all of our resources, family, financial and emotional to our business, there had better be a reward at the end which we and those dearest to us can enjoy. As business owners there are rewards in just the doing, which we get to enjoy, but our families don’t (well not always anyway).…

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Are you making the right choices in small business?

The “control freak” in most business owners ,is probably why we are in business for ourselves in the first place. As a small business owner myself for more than 30 years, I have first hand experience of the ups and the downs that this most interesting of endeavours can bring. The excitement of success is…

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Collaborate For Your Clients, Please

  You cannot properly give financial advice to a client without considering the tax consequences of that advice. Similarly you should not make a recommendation to a client in order to save tax without considering the impact of the action on their overall financial well-being True financial advice needs to cross over a number of…

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Professional Loneliness

I grew up during a period when if you uttered the phrase “Every Picture Tells a Story” someone would almost magically reply “Don’t It”. (much like there is only one possible response to “Am I Ever Going To See Your Face Again”). I was listening to the album for the umpteenth time the other day,…

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On Professionalism

A professional is true to his beliefs Professionals are not swayed by popular opinion Professionalism is having the courage to tell your client something they don’t want to hear.   A professional seeks to add value Professionals do not accept payment for doing nothing Professionalism is advising your client to terminate  your services when you…

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