Now IS the right time

“There is no right time to do the right thing, the only time to do the right thing is now”. As a financial adviser, I don’t know how many times I have heard “This is just not a good time right now”, but if not now when? When you get back from holidays, or when…

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A Spectator or a Competitor?

“The road to financial success is lined by those who were always going to, but never did”. I love the Tour De France. Each July my bleary eyes pay tribute to long nights in front of the telly (on an exercise bike if you were wondering) watching the lycra clad heroes tooling around the French…

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The Four Cs of Business Ownership

Why Do We Go into business? This is a question I ask myself often, particularly during those difficult times (and we all have them don’t we?). On reflection, I’ve actually gone into business three times, each time for different reasons, though all underpinned by my “Why”. For most business owners the reason can boil down…

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Budget 2014 – My Take

For the first time that I can remember, the Australian Government has delivered a budget which pretty closely matched what they were saying in the lead up. This is a tough budget as budgets in the first year of a government’s term tend to be, and particularly in an environment where the government budget is…

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Bad Advice is still Bad Advice even if there is a short term positive outcome

In a recent post, I got fairly fired up about a 4 Corners episode which had explored the shortcomings of Commonwealth Financial planning and in particular one of its advisers. There had been little debate over the episode in any of the forums which I visit regularly, so I thought maybe I was out of…

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Four Corners – A Question of Emphasis and Timing!

The recent Four Corners episode on Commonwealth Financial Planning prompted me to write this short piece. I even got sufficiently agitated to make this video

Why Fear Advice PART 2

This is Part 2 of a 2 Part Series. Read Part 1 here. In this second article I explore a few more “fear factors”. 4. Fear of our own shortcomings One of the things about money, and personal finances in general, is that everyone has to deal with it, so we should all be experts right?…

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Why Fear Advice PART 1

This is Part 1 of a 2 Part Series. Read Part 2 here. I have been wondering for some time why so many people seem to fear obtaining financial advice. In Australia less than 20 per cent of people have a financial adviser at all, and substantially less than 10 per cent regularly engage with…

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Have 2 Plans

Many business people will at some time have committed to producing a formal business plan. Some of them will also have a personal financial plan. I advocate that EVERY business person needs 2 plans to adequately cover all of the eventualities they will face.

Work Out Who Your Ideal Customers Are

Its really easy in business to lose sight of this important principle. We can fall into the trap of the “fog test” i.e. if the person has the potential to fog a mirror, then they should be a customer. Of course not all of our existing clients or customers are ideal, and I am not…

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