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I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, my “Why” got me up.

By November 23, 2013Business


When the alarm rang at 5:15, I hit “snooze”, which is really unlike me. The attached picture shows the reason for my reluctance.

Normally, it’s alarm, out of bed, treadmill for half an hour, two cups of coffee and a bowl of cereal and off to work. Today, it was a little chilly and I needed the extra push.

For readers of Simon Sinek’s book “Start With Why” or viewers of an excellent TED talk here you would be aware that in his view we need to be in touch with “Why” we are in business in order to be successful.

I am part of a winning team, and as such I have responsibilities, my team mates are counting on me! My clients are counting on me to look after them, my staff are counting on me to do my bit in the great work we do for our clients, my family is counting on me for lots of things. As the coach of the team, I want to be part of the team’s success, how can I play my part while I’m still in bed?

So despite the chilly start, here I am, and my “why” got me here. If you want to know why I do what I do check out this



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