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I Love Mowing!

By November 10, 2014Advice, Entertainment

IMG_0080I have a secret, I love mowing. Not the kind of mowing that involves the struggling to push the Victa zip-start, but the kind that involves sitting behind the wheel of something like this. Good thing I do, my mower has a little gauge that tells me I have spent 665 hours driving it. My kids MIGHT account for 20 or so of those, my wife has probably clocked up 50, but the rest are all down to me.

Put another way, I have spent nearly half of a working year on that mower, and I have owned it for about ten years. Where we live, the mower is largely parked for most of winter, so you can see it occupies a fair amount of my “leisure” time during the summer months.

So why do I like mowing? Well firstly there is instant gratification. To my eyes there is nothing better than the look of a freshly cut lawn. The job is complete, the work is done, and I can enjoy my beer looking at a perfectly manicured carpet, and it’s a big carpet, I mow all of our five acre block.

The main reason though is because as Winnie The Pooh might say, “I think some of my best thinks” while behind the wheel of my mower.

My business is far more than just a job for me. I eat it, drink it, sleep it, breathe it. If I’m not thinking directly about a client problem, then I am thinking of ways in which we can improve the business so I can give the kind of quality advice of which I am so proud to more clients, and improve the ways in which we deliver that advice.

The best kind of thinking is when the body is doing something mindless so you are free to let your thoughts turn to something more important than the task at hand. I get the same feeling when driving sometimes (not in traffic of course), and even when wielding a paint roller, but the best “thinks” come on the mower

So if you are already a client, rest assured that at some point, I will have been chewing over your case while sitting on the mower; and if you aren’t yet, my thoughts will turn to your situation as soon as you become one. One 48 inch cut a time, I will devise strategy, solve problems, outline in my mind a course of action that will benefit you, and because mowing is such a mindless thing, I will have the head space to do a proper job of it.

For most of us a little time to ourselves, doing something we like, which allows our mind to wander IMG_0081freely is important so we can get to work on those difficult problems which we haven’t had the chance to sort out. If you can find something like that, the rewards will flow, but if you don’t have such an activity, I encourage you to find one. It could be painting (the artistic, or even decorating kind), gardening, digging a hole, vacuuming, washing the car or just listening to music, something which occupies your body, but which lets your mind go free.

For only a small fee of course, you can have a turn on my mower, want one?

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