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On Professionalism

By March 2, 2016Advice, Business, Uncategorized

A professional is true to his beliefs

Professionals are not swayed by popular opinion

Professionalism is having the courage to tell your client something they don’t want to hear.


A professional seeks to add value

Professionals do not accept payment for doing nothing

Professionalism is advising your client to terminate  your services when you are no longer needed.




A professional knows he is not infallible

Professionals do not hide from their mistakes

Professionalism is taking out your cheque book when your error costs your client.


A professional exercises judgement in forming an opinion

Professionals will not bow to external pressure or influence

Professionalism is being prepared to say no.


A professional puts the interests of his clients first

Professionals do not consider any impact on themselves when giving advice

Professionalism is advising a course of action which will benefit your client but cost you.


A professional recognises he does not know everything

Professionals do not act beyond their expertise

Professionalism is knowing your own limits


A professional knows the rules of the game and plays within them

Professionals do not ignore the law when it suits them

Professionalism is upholding the institutions and conventions of our society


A professional recognises that others have knowledge and expertise

Professionals do not seek to undermine their colleagues and peers

Professionalism is respecting the right of others to succeed.


A professional is not swayed by the vocal majority

Professionals are not silent in the face of contrary opinion

Professionalism is being prepared to challenge that which you believe to be wrong

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