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I have been a financial planner and advising clients for the better part of 30 years. From that experience, I know that the transition to retirement is one of the most daunting times that clients are faced with. You will be asking questions that you have never asked before, and like a lot of life experiences, the first time we do something it will be filled with self-doubt. Am I doing the right thing? What if I get it wrong? What are all the options? What choices do I have? Who can I trust to be looking out for me?

We get asked alot about what it is that financial planners do for those people looking to retire – after all, shouldn’t the planning be done by now? Is there enough time left to make any difference any way?
We can offer significant help for those clients looking to transition to retirement through these 3 key factors:

  1. We add discipline

    When making decisions we are all influenced by emotions and the feelings that we have about the subject at hand. Sometimes these emotions can cloud our thinking and at times may see us make decisions that may not be in our own best interest. As financial planners, we have the luxury of not being emotionally attached to the decision – we can look at the facts and cut through to the outcome that is ‘best’. In the end, you will make the final decision and you will choose the outcome; but you will have the benefit of having received advice that is not tainted by the emotions that you will naturally attach to it.

  1. We broaden the scope of advice

    Like a lot of life decisions the ones that you are faced with making now will impact on other areas of your financial wellbeing. It is this interrelatedness that we assist our clients to manage.

  1. We work to lengthen the investment period you need to think about

    Most people’s idea of long-term investing is three years; last year, this year, and next year. It is important to understand that the decisions that you make now will impact you through your retirement and for the rest of your days. Sounds dramatic I know, but small changes now can have a profound impact on your investment portfolio for years to come.


When asked to define financial planning, I simply say that financial planning allows us to bring the future into the present so we can do something about it today. The strategies that we employ and some of the products we recommend can be complex, but at its most basic we help people set themselves up for a journey and if they choose, we can also check in with them on the way to make sure they are still on the path they chose for themselves.


We would love to discuss how you can plan for your transition to retirement, and anything we can do to help you with your financial future. All you have to do is Get Started or Book an Online Consultation.

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