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Emergency Fund

Do you have an emergency fund? Here’s why you need one

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In the depths of the COVID-19 crisis many people are spending time with that horrible phrase “If Only”. Remember when you spent the last of your cash buffer on that 60 inch all singing all dancing television? You may have…
Why ithe market is going up during COVID-19?

Why the market is rising during COVID-19?

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Since March 23 we have seen an increase in the value of the ASX 200 of around 25% and in a previous article, I explained how markets always look forward rather than backward (see here). It all seems so logical…

Investment Green Shoots or Late Frost? That is the question.

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Are investment markets showing the first green shoots or could there still be a late frost? As I am writing this in my self-isolated home office on 1 st May 2020 it is currently 5 degrees outside with very strong…