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Time for some Strategising!

We have spent hours modelling scenarios, testing assumptions and researching alternatives. Now is the time for us to show you how we are thinking so far and to ask for any input you may have. Our process is a collaborative one, your ideas are important to us, after all, it is your financial future we are working on. We will not be discussing specific products here, it is important to lay the foundations of a solid strategy before we consider the tools we are going to employ to implement the strategy

What do I need to do?

All we ask from you is an open and enquiring mind, we need you to be part of the process so please ask as many questions as you need to –  the most important question is usually “Why?”. Whilst we have brought all of our skills knowledge and expertise to bear on your situation, we need you to be happy and comfortable with what we have recommended – it is your financial future we are talking about after all. No-one knows you better than you, so if something doesn’t feel right, or you need further explanation, this is your chance.

Tell me more?

“Strategy” will normally need about an hour and a half. We will present to you the high level strategy we have devised ,and compare and contrast this with your current situation (your “Do Nothing” position if you will). At the conclusion of the meeting, if we have answered all of your questions we will ask if you are comfortable with what we are working on so that we can proceed to document our recommendations.

Hmm sounds wonderful, but what will it cost me?

So let’s summarise:

  • Now its time to put things into place. This process can take quite a while depending on complexity. Our team really gets to work now, completing all the necessary tasks to implement our recommendations.
  • Our Fee for implementation of your advice is payable once we are done. We will agree with you in our next meeting “Showtime” your ongoing service requirements, and these will begin to be charged once implementation is complete.


Strategy Advice Freedom

Why these three words are so important to us, and are fundamental to our advice process.